Whatever happened to 2020?

Well, where do I start? 2020 is not turning out to be the year that we thought and hoped it would be.
My previous post talked about the loss of my lovely Dad on 30th January, and my attention was focused on supporting Mum. A couple of months of planning, coming to terms, making plans for the future, and then the corona virus arrived. Our world changed as we knew it.

I wish you could smell the fragrance!



Suddenly being with others became a risk. We were all advised to reduce contact with others, particularly large groups. The initial message that things are going to be drastically different for us was when Mike’s runs were systematically cancelled, and the wool shows that I was going to be exhibiting at started to follow suit. Holidays were cancelled. Paul my eldest son was furloughed, and Craig had a virus with a high temperature which saw him needing to isolate himself, and his family for a fortnight.



Lockdown at my sister’s supported housing came next and we weren’t able to visit her. Julie has learning difficulties and her communication depends on non-verbal cues as much as what she hears, so telephone conversations are difficult. She loves long lingering hugs and so the loss of physical contact with her is hard to bear.

Precious time together on Christmas Day.

Fortunately her keyworkers and staff are fantastic and do lots of things to keep her in touch with the family, and maintain her happiness and health.
Mike was furloughed and suddenly my space was invaded. For the first time ever we were spending long periods of time in each other’s company. At first it was like the weekend and then it settled into a new routine. Whenever we were on holiday from work we went away, and so rarely spent time at home except for Christmas.
My initial reactions were:-
Feeling guilty for knitting! (That’s a first)
Not watching my regular podcasts because they are a pleasure that I enjoy so much without constant comments from a curious husband.
Doing lots of cooking, and in particular, baking.
Being compelled to keeping myself active because Mike was doing job after job. Basically all the little jobs that needed attention around the house and garden, that had been put off for the last few years, suddenly got done. This has included decorating our bedroom, wiring in two lights and an extra electrical socket, re-roofing the shed, servicing the patio sliding door, painting the gate, mending and painting the cupboard door in the side of the house, mending the dripping tap outside, lots of gardening, fitting a new extractor cover, bricking up a hole in the wall where a tumbler extractor existed, cleaning out the gutters, gardening for my Mum, weeding for her, sorting any of her DIY issues, changing bulbs, mending things, serviced her double glazed door, doing the lawns, pressure washing the flag stones, boarding up a broken window at Craig’s, and the list goes on…
He has been active the whole time he has been off. He has been doing all the shopping and collecting prescriptions for us, and maintaining his fitness by running around the lanes. Doing at least 10k twice a week. He now has an idea that he has two more weeks before he will be going back to work in whatever state that will be, and what is he doing for the next 2 days? Renovating my Mum’s shed. He is also planning on decorating our spare room, making it a bit more child friendly – we are really desperate to see our grandchildren and can’t wait to spend some quality time with them and their parents.
I really enjoy Mike’s company. I love being with him and we always enjoyed being on holiday together and knew that that time was precious. Now that we have been together for all these weeks, I love it. I know I am lucky because he is so handy, we live in a semi-rural area so the air is sweet and fresh. We have a lovely garden and so have enjoyed seeing spring arrive, feeding the birds, watching the frogs in the pond and now the fish have emerged from the depths. This is what it would be like when he retires, and I can’t wait, just 9 years to go.
The world of crafting has really benefited from the lockdown because people have been enjoying ways to occupy their time, whether it be learning a new craft or developing an existing skill. The disappointment of the cancellation of the wool shows was soon alleviated with some very imaginative organisers who have created the concept of virtual wool shows. I was invited to participate in the Spring into Wool Virtual Show, but was too overwhelmed with the idea of gathering images and recording video’s so close to losing Dad that I declined.
A few weeks later my mind is in a better place and I am able to find the energy and motivation for Virtual Buxton Wool Gathering Show this weekend (8th & 9th May, 2020).


I was so pleased to be successful in getting in this show and was looking forward to it. I like to have a few special things on offer and some new products for each show so didn’t put them in my Etsy shop, but now I have the opportunity to share what I have on offer.

Setting up my stand and introducing my products.

Posted by The Knitting Companion. on Saturday, May 2, 2020

Visit Virtual Buxton Wool Gathering on Facebook or do a google search to find it and you will see over 50 lovely vendors showing their wares.

My stand set up in our conservatory.

I have been making little crochet hook cases with a set of 12 metal hooks in ranging from 2mm to 8mm and they have been very popular. I am sure that there are a lot of people learning new stitches and techniques!

Here is a brief video about The Knitter’s Companion with background heavy breathing from Jack, our elderly border collie.

Making life more organised when you are knitting!

Brief introduction to "The Knitters Companion" with news about a great offer!

Posted by The Knitting Companion. on Monday, May 4, 2020

Hopefully, the gradual lifting of the lock down will not cause too many new cases, and we can come through this difficult time as safely as possible.

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